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load shells
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Phonetic: "/ləʊd/"

Part Of Speech: noun

Definition: A burden; a weight to be carried.

Example: I struggled up the hill with the heavy load in my rucksack.

Definition: A worry or concern to be endured, especially in the phrase a load off one's mind.

Definition: A certain number of articles or quantity of material that can be transported or processed at one time.

Example: She put another load of clothes in the washing machine.

Definition: A quantity of washing put into a washing machine for a wash cycle.

Example: I put a load on before we left.

Definition: (in combination) Used to form nouns that indicate a large quantity, often corresponding to the capacity of a vehicle

Definition: (often in the plural) A large number or amount.

Example: I got a load of emails about that.

Definition: The volume of work required to be performed.

Example: Will our web servers be able to cope with that load?

Definition: The force exerted on a structural component such as a beam, girder, cable etc.

Example: Each of the cross-members must withstand a tensile load of 1,000 newtons.

Definition: The electrical current or power delivered by a device.

Example: I'm worried that the load on that transformer will be too high.

Definition: A resistive force encountered by a prime mover when performing work.

Definition: Any component that draws current or power from an electrical circuit.

Example: Connect a second 24-ohm load across the power supply's output terminals.

Definition: A unit of measure for various quantities.

Definition: The viral load

Definition: A very small explosive inserted as a gag into a cigarette or cigar.

Definition: The charge of powder for a firearm.

Definition: Weight or violence of blows.

Definition: The contents (e.g. semen) of an ejaculation.

Definition: Nonsense; rubbish.

Example: What a load!

Definition: The process of loading something, i.e. transferring it into memory or over a network, etc.

Example: All of those uncompressed images are going to slow down the page load.

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Phonetic: "/ləʊd/"

Part Of Speech: verb

Definition: To put a load on or in (a means of conveyance or a place of storage).

Example: The dock workers refused to load the ship.

Definition: To place in or on a conveyance or a place of storage.

Example: He loaded his stuff into his storage locker.

Definition: To put a load on something.

Example: The truck was supposed to leave at dawn, but in fact we spent all morning loading.

Definition: To receive a load.

Example: The truck is designed to load easily.

Definition: To be placed into storage or conveyance.

Example: The containers load quickly and easily.

Definition: To fill (a firearm or artillery) with munition.

Example: I pulled the trigger, but nothing happened. I had forgotten to load the gun.

Definition: To insert (an item or items) into an apparatus so as to ready it for operation, such as a reel of film into a camera, sheets of paper into a printer etc.

Example: Now that you've loaded the camera [with film], you're ready to start shooting.

Definition: To fill (an apparatus) with raw material.

Example: The workers loaded the blast furnace with coke and ore.

Definition: To be put into use in an apparatus.

Example: The cartridge was designed to load easily.

Definition: To read (data or a program) from a storage medium into computer memory.

Example: Click OK to load the selected data.

Definition: To transfer from a storage medium into computer memory.

Example: This program takes an age to load.

Definition: To put runners on first, second and third bases

Example: He walks to load the bases.

Definition: To tamper with so as to produce a biased outcome.

Example: The wording of the ballot paper loaded the vote in favour of the Conservative candidate.

Definition: To ask or adapt a question so that it will be more likely to be answered in a certain way.

Definition: To encumber with something negative, to place as an encumbrance.

Example: The new owners had loaded the company with debt.

Definition: To provide in abundance.

Example: He loaded carbs into his system before the marathon.

Definition: To weight (a cane, whip, etc.) with lead or similar.

Definition: To adulterate or drug.

Example: to load wine

Definition: To magnetize.

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Phonetic: "/ʃɛlz/"

Part Of Speech: noun

Definition: A hard external covering of an animal.

Definition: The hard calcareous covering of a bird egg.

Definition: One of the outer layers of skin of an onion.

Example: The restaurant served caramelized onion shells.

Definition: The hard external covering of various plant seed forms.

Definition: The accreted mineral formed around a hollow geode.

Definition: The casing of a self-contained single-unit artillery projectile.

Definition: A hollow, usually spherical or cylindrical projectile fired from a siege mortar or a smoothbore cannon. It contains an explosive substance designed to be ignited by a fuse or by percussion at the target site so that it will burst and scattered at high velocity its contents and fragments. Formerly called a bomb.

Definition: The cartridge of a breechloading firearm; a load; a bullet; a round.

Definition: Any slight hollow structure; a framework, or exterior structure, regarded as not complete or filled in, as the shell of a house.

Definition: A garment, usually worn by women, such as a shirt, blouse, or top, with short sleeves or no sleeves, that often fastens in the rear.

Definition: A coarse or flimsy coffin; a thin interior coffin enclosed within a more substantial one.

Definition: A string instrument, as a lyre, whose acoustical chamber is formed like a shell.

Example: The first lyre may have been made by drawing strings over the underside of a tortoise shell.

Definition: The body of a drum; the often wooden, often cylindrical acoustic chamber, with or without rims added for tuning and for attaching the drum head.

Definition: An engraved copper roller used in print works.

Definition: The thin coating of copper on an electrotype.

Definition: The watertight outer covering of the hull of a vessel, often made with planking or metal plating.

Definition: (rigging) The outer frame or case of a block within which the sheaves revolve.

Definition: A light boat whose frame is covered with thin wood, impermeable fabric, or water-proofed paper; a racing shell or dragon boat.

Definition: A set of atomic orbitals that have the same principal quantum number.

Definition: The outward form independent of what is inside.

Definition: The empty outward form of someone or something.

Example: The setback left him a mere shell; he was never the same again.

Definition: An emaciated person.

Example: He's lost so much weight from illness; he's a shell of his former self.

Definition: A psychological barrier to social interaction.

Example: Even after months of therapy he's still in his shell.

Definition: An operating system software user interface, whose primary purpose is to launch other programs and control their interactions; the user's command interpreter. Shell is a way to separate the internal complexity of the implementation of the command from the user. The internals can change while the user experience/interface remains the same.

Example: The name "Bash" is an acronym which stands for "Bourne-again shell", itself a pun on the name of the "Bourne shell", an earlier Unix shell designed by Stephen Bourne, and the Christian concept of being "born again".

Definition: A legal entity that has no operations.

Example: A shell corporation was formed to acquire the old factory.

Definition: A concave rough cast-iron tool in which a convex lens is ground to shape.

Definition: A gouge bit or shell bit.

Definition: The onset and coda of a syllable.

Definition: A person's ear.

Example: Can I have a quick word in your shell?

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Phonetic: "/ʃɛlz/"

Part Of Speech: verb

Definition: To remove the outer covering or shell of something.

Definition: To bombard, to fire projectiles at, especially with artillery.

Definition: To disburse or give up money, to pay. (Often used with out).

Definition: To fall off, as a shell, crust, etc.

Definition: To cast the shell, or exterior covering; to fall out of the pod or husk.

Example: Nuts shell in falling.

Definition: To switch to a shell or command line.

Definition: To form shallow, irregular cracks (in a coating).

Definition: To form a shelling.

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